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Retirement Planning

CFAL Properly Structure & Manage Your Retirement

You owe it to yourself to provide for your financial security when you retire. CFAL’s Blue Marlin Retirement Plan lets you invest a part of your earnings on a regular basis to grow until you need it.

The Blue Marlin Retirement Plan is a properly structured and efficiently managed Trust Fund that will provide the security and flexibility you need to achieve your personal retirement goals. This plan is portable, so your secure investment will always be there for you, no matter where life takes you.

There are three membership categories:

    • Sponsored Contributor: you contribute to the plan and your employer agrees to participate and contribute on your behalf.
    • Voluntary Contributor: you contribute to the plan, but your employer does not wish to contribute at this time.
    • Self Employed Contributor: you work for yourself and contribute to the plan.

Blue Marlin Retirement Plan members also receive at a small charge Personal Accident (PA) Insurance Supplemental coverage to safeguard your family’s future if you are in accident. It’s one more way we are using CircleVision to look out for your financial security every day.


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