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Funds Services

Diversified Portfolios with Specific Objectives

CFAL’s Family of Funds offer a diverse range of investment objectives suitable for all investors. Our funds to capitalize on the opportunities available across the entire asset-class spectrum from domestic stocks and bonds to money market instruments.

How much risk you're willing to take, your anticipated rate of return and how long you're wiling to wait for a return are all factors your CFAL advisor will consider when tailoring your investment portfolio.



  • Our Funds are very liquid and offer returns that are highly competitive in the domestic capital markets. They can provide an excellent investment management and or cash management tool for your company.
  • You have access to our qualified team of investment professionals, who make secure investments, constantly monitoring Fund performance and are lly supported by our experienced research department.
    • Our Funds provide for diversified portfolios each designed with a specific objective in mind. These portfolios can be customized to meet your unique needs and reflect current market and socio-economic conditions.

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