Firm In Focus - Consolidated Water
Through 2Q FY2013 (as of June 30th), CWCO is a enjoying a strong year of profitability; up 53% (+$2.30M) relative to last year’s comparable to $6.60M. While revenues for the period remained essentially flat (+$165K or 0.50%) at $33.12M, the company’s cost of revenues fell by -$1.10M (-5.09%) to $20.51M; with the cost savings significantly contributing to the above improvement in profitability. Additionally, CWCO was also able to earn $1.18M from its investment (45% equity interest) in OC-BVI (only $102K in the previous year comparable) which is joint venture that produces and sells water to the British Virgin Island Government. FIF_Consolidated_Water_9-03-13_Web Click here for full Investment Update

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