Financial Market Brief March 18 2016
Pension funds are among the fastest growing pool of assets in the country and its mobilization will have a profound and increasingly important impact on future economic activity, particularly with respect to Bahamian financial markets. Private pension funds have grown in size from $628.6M or 15.0% of GDP in 1998 to $1.1B in 2007 or 15.4% of GDP. The National Insurance Board assets under management have also grown from $746.2M or 17.8% of GDP in 1998 to $1.4B or 20.1% of GDP in 2007 (the latest information available on the size of pension plans in the Bahamas). Given the size and significance of this sector, it is imperative that a comprehensive reform strategy be created to ensure proper oversight and to modernize the country‚Äôs pension sector.. Weekly_Market_Recap_18-Mar-2016 Click here for full Weekly Market Recap

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