Financial Market Brief April 15 2016
The Bahamas has a number of social and economic challenges which were underscored in the recently released ‘State of the Nation’ 2016 report. High on the list of challenges is education. Access to free schooling is a fundamental human right that is afforded to every child residing in the Bahamas, no matter his residency status, ethnicity or station in life. A quality education is essential to the development of the nation’s human capital and innovative capacity. Focus must be placed on developing and successfully executing a world-class education agenda that will allow every child in the country to reach their full potential and positively contribute to the advancement of the nation. Notwithstanding this free access to education, schooling has not yielded the level of economic and social success anticipated. According to the ‘State of the Nation’ report, fifty per cent of the country’s high school graduates earn a high school diploma in a given year and the remaining fifty per cent were granted a mere “certificate of attendance” meaning that they attended school but did not earn the standard required for graduation. Weekly_Market_Recap_15-Apr-2016 Click here for full Weekly Market Recap

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