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CFAL Global Market Review — April 2012

What do Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Spain all have in common? The answer is they are all in recession. Standard & Poor's (S&P) downgraded Spain by two notches on April 26th in a sign of persistent investor concern over the stability of the Eurozone. The debt dynamics of Spain are rapidly deteriorating as the nation’s bond yields rise. The yield on Spain’s 10-year bond approached 6% in mid-April, renewing concerns that they may be forced to seek an international bailout. CFAL's Global Market Review — April 2012 provides an analyisis of recent trends in the global market...

Quarterly Market Recap - Quarter 3 2011

The BISX All-Share Index declined this quarter, losing 32.44 points or 2.427 percent to close at 1,376.14. Trading volume increased over the quarter as 803,865 shares crossed the exchange over 298 trades to accumulate a value of $2,842,891.02 compared toQ2 when 586,291 shares crossed the exchange over 296 trades to accumulate a value of $3,567,894.45. Market capitalization increased fell over the quarter by 2.44 percent or $7.909 million to $2.910 billion

Family of Funds Quarterly Review

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Weekly Market Recap - 12/23/2011

The local market ended this week with 99,475 shares crossing the exchange over 27 trades to accumulate a value of $628,570.77. The BISX All-Share Index gained 6.21 points or 0.463 percent to end the week at 1,346.95. Year to date the Index is down 152.56 points or 10.174 percent. Eight of the nineteen publicly traded companies experienced activity, resulting in three advancers and two decliners. Advancers included Bank of the Bahamas Limited (BOB) up $0.24 or 4.00 percent, Commonwealth Bank Limited (CBL) up $0.07 or 1.08 percent and FOCOL (FCL) up $0.20 or 4.17 percent. Decliners included Consolidated Water (CWCB) losing $0.19 or 10.358 percent and Finco (FIN) losing $0.21 or 4.46 percent.

Market Recap - Fourth Quarter 2011

Markets improved appreciably after a dismal third quarter, alt-hough the elevated volatility made it difficult for most market participants, including supposedly savvy hedge funds, from cap-italizing on those gains. Investors ended the year frustrated and skeptical after a year in which many realized they had underesti-mated just how unpredictable investing will be in the aftermath of the credit crisis and in the face of ongoing deleveraging in the developed world.


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